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Google Enters Smart Home Market

Episode 6

This is the California real estate update for November 25th. Hello this is Mary West and this segment is sponsored by Group 1 Real Estate.

Want to cook your holiday meals but could use a little help? Smart homes are now ready for the holidays with Alexa skill which guides you through cooking your holiday dinner and 60,000 other meals. The “skill” is free to use on Fire TV and Amazon Echo.

Google has finally entered the smart home market with Google Home. The list of tasks it can assist include checking the calendar, weather, alarms, and more. Google Home integrates well with the conversational Google Assistant to provide more personalized functions.

Thank you for listening and for a transcript, please visit Group1RealEstate.com. This is Mary West with the California Real Estate Update by Group 1 Real Estate wishing you a happy thanksgiving. We look forward to next month’s podcasts and appreciate our listeners.

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